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As the most complete drug store in the area, we are proud to serve Bay Shore, Brentwood and great Long Island areas. We want to create a feeling of trust and safety to many people. We have an obligation to the communities of Long Island and we have an obligation to each other as a team that wants to be successful. People need help and we will provide it to them because we honestly care. Our number one priority is creating a good experience for the customer not just making sale. If you haven't experienced the SaluMed different yet, visit us today.

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Welcome to SaluMed Pharmacy

I remember going to the doctor with my grandparents as a child and serving as an interpreter. It did not mean anything to me at the time but looking back I see it different. How must an adult person feel when she can’t communicate effectively about personal and important issues with health professionals? A child cannot possibly communicate the entire underlining message to that doctor. How did my grandmother feel standing there trying to express herself in broken English?

Most of our staff is bilingual. Patients feel comfortable discussing their medical concerns with us. The communities specifically the disadvantaged communities need a good pharmacy just as they need a church, post office, firehouse or bank. Our company provides this essential service to our community. We want to create a feeling of trust and safely to many people. We have an obligation to the communities of Long Island and we have an obligation to each other.

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"I have been using services at SaluMed Pharmacy for 7 years. This is where I buy my medications, back braces and other surgical supplies. You can find good monthly offers using the coupon book. Just my experience on Mother’s day SaluMed had angel plants and I planned to return another day to buy one, well when I returned they were all sold. So buy it when you see it. Also the prices are at least 25% less than in the Nesconset area. Unlike other pharmacies, customer service is personalized." - Linda Payne

I’ve been going to Salumed Pharmacy for over 35 years. I’ve known Tom for many decades. I remember when he first opened up his pharmacy in Brentwood. The community benefited from Salumed. Especially the elderly. He cares about his community, and all who come into his pharmacy. Tom has always been a wonderful pharmacist, he was the only Pharmacist we had, and still have. Tom, his pharmacist, and staff care about all of their customers, health and welfare. They treat you with care, and dignity. They take the time to explain to those, who need to know how to take the medication, what not to take with certain medicines, and is always there for consultation. Toms staff are kind, and always there to help you! They speak English, and Spanish. I would totally recommend 5th Avenue Pharmacy. Absolutely! I believe I speak for all of Brentwood residence my age, who remember when Tom had his grand opening, it was a breath of fresh air for our parents. A local pharmacist in our neighborhood. I can say, that Tom, opened up in Brentwood, knowing the community was growing quickly, and needed him. In 1979 there was only one pharmacy.The Brentwood Pharmacy, on Suffolk Avenue in Brentwood. Having a new pharmacist on Fifth Avenue was an asset for all residents. Tom truly cares about his community, always has, and continues to provide for his community, till this day! We are thankful for your services Salumed!!! Tom and his staffs priority has always been the health, and welfare of his community! Gracias Tom!


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