Our Patient Bill Of Rights

  1. 1) Considerate and respectful service.
  2. 2) Obtain service without regard to race, creed, national origin, sex, disability or illness, or religious affiliation.
  3. 3) Confidentiality of all information pertaining to you, your medical care and service.
  4. 4) A timely response to your request for service and to expect continuity of service.
  5. 5) Agree or refuse any part unwanted service.
  6. 6) The right to understand all information necessary to ensure the safe and effective use of prescription medications.
  7. 7) The right to receive counseling from a pharmacist in the language you speak.
  8. 8) The right to have vital documents, such as the directions for use of a prescription drug translated into your language or explained to you by an interpreter.
  9. 9) The right to file a complaint with the pharmacy if you do not receive assistance or if any staff member violates these rights.